Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bucket of Blood

One of the most notorious saloons in the Levee was the "Bucket of Blood" on the Southwest corner of 19th St. at Federal. One can only imagine what went on there. Today it is a mild-looking townhome complex.

Across Federal Street from the Bucket of Blood was the cheapest group of brothels in the city, affectionately known as "Bed Bug Row," which operated until 1913. A woman could be had there for $0.25, and there were also peep shows, torture chambers, and drug dens where heroin and morphine could be purchased openly (neither was illegal until the 1910s). The "King and Queen of the Cokies," as they were known, Eugene and Lottie Hustion, operate one of these dens. Lottie Hustion was a learned woman who spoke five languages and composed music when not doing business.

Much later, there was another bar on the West side also known as the Bucket of Blood, perhaps as an homage to this one.


Veronica said...

Live here now! Thank you for the history

Anonymous said...

This is a black civial ware, and illegals killing each other

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