Monday, September 1, 2008

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

After Dion O'Banion's death, his gang passed through the hands of several leaders, including most famously, George "Bugs" Moran, who headquartered the dominant North side gang in a garage at this location, 2122 N. Clark St. It was here that the most infamous gangland hit in history took place, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, on February 14, 1929.

On that evening, men believed to be from Capone's gang entered the garage, concealing machine guns under their coats, lined their victims up against the wall, and began shooting, killing seven. Moran was not killed, but his gang was decimated, and public outrage over the killings led to greater law enforcement response to organized crime.

The garage was torn down in 1967. Today, the site is a garden and parking lot abutting a home for the elderly.

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